Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snow Day

My office let us go home early today, due to a severe blizzard warning and winter travel advisories. Yikes. Not the type of weather I enjoy driving in. The crazy thing is, yesterday finally felt like a spring day - almost all traces of snow were melted, the temperature climbed around 50 degrees and I actually walked outside without a coat part of the day. What a tease! 

This March is living up to it's "in like a lion" reputation. Hopefully it exits "like a lamb". 

I miss going for walks in the park and just sitting outside. I look forward to not having to wear 9 layers of clothing, coats, hats, boots and scarfs. I stepped outside briefly to snap a couple photos and this is how deep the snow currently is on our deck. 

I'll admit, there is a quiet and peaceful beauty about fresh snow. Tree branches laden with white. The crunch under your feet. Snowflakes on your eyelashes. Everything appears to be sleeping, so to speak. I like it better when I'm looking at it from inside my warm house. Brushing off my car, scraping ice off my windshield and praying I don't slip on the ice is another story! 

The first day of spring is next week, March 20th (also my birthday). I've always loved that my birthday coincides with the welcoming in of Spring. Even if winter is still hanging around, it marks the start of new life, growth and warmer days ahead. Come quickly spring! 

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