Sunday, April 29, 2018

Weston Month Five

Another month for our sweet little Weston! I'm feeling behind on a lot of things - even keeping up with these monthly posts. But, I'm trying my best to savor every snuggle and I'm smothering this baby with kisses all day long. He is such a smiley, happy boy and his laugh is the BEST. Baby giggles are my favorite sound. 

He has the cutest expressions. He loves studying faces and having conversations. I love looking into those baby blues! I know I'm his mom, so of course I think he's the cutest, but he really is the cutest baby! 

The biggest news is that two bottom teeth have started to make themselves known. So soon! I feel like 5 months is early to be getting teeth. 

Marshall and Weston got to see their cousins and play outside on the most beautiful day, and recreate our yearly cousin photo. This one gets all the heart eyes. 

Brothers forever. 

Even though they drive me absolutely bonkers at times, these two bring us so much joy! I'm just amazed when I stop and look at the two of them together. They are such gifts! Even amidst the teething, the late nights, and back pain from carrying around an 18 pound sack of potatoes, I realize what an honor it is to be their mom.

My little sweetie! The weather is FINALLY nice and we've been taking advantage of getting outside and going for walks as much as possible. Thank you, Jesus! This winter was looooooong. 

We met a new photographer, Annemarie Nina, and she captured these adorable shots that I could. not. resist. I mean, look at that face! Cheeks for days. 

• Rolling a lot
• Getting his first 2 bottom teeth! 
• Grabbing everything he can get his hands on
• Very interested in what people are doing
• Wants to sit up but can't yet
• Dislikes being alone
• Survived two road trips
• Loves his mommy and gives her lots of smiles
• Likes laughing at his brother
• Has slept through the night a few times!  
• Loves Sophie the giraffe
• Loves to be held

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