Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Weston Month Four

Our little Weston is 4 months! March is my birthday month, and it was sweet celebrating with this big little guy. His personality is starting to shine through and he's really a very happy baby. He's been giving lots of smiles, babbling, making sweet sounds and squawks.

He has so many facial expressions! He often looks surprised or scared but will quickly switch to a grin when he sees one of us. He likes to have someone always in sight! 

Marshall has been "playing" with him more and wanting to help out and know where he is at all times. He also knows how to make him smile with silly sounds and talking to him. It's the absolute cutest thing when they laugh at each other!

Weston likes to engage much more and wants to be upright and looking around. He's really good at grabbing things - including my bowl of cereal one morning! He's good at holding toys, too. 

I admit, I'm a little obsessed with him and that face! His cheeks are the softest and so perfectly kissable! His chubby squishy thighs are the best, too!  He still has crazy hair right on top of his head, but (sadly) he's loosing most of it around the back and sides. I hope it all grows back soon!

These 3 guys have my heart! Sometimes I still pinch myself because I can't believe they're mine. 

• Can roll over! 
• Likes sleeping on his tummy
• Likes being held (upright)
• Does not like laying on his back for long
• Loves faces
• He is loosing his hair (mostly in the back)
• Does not like being alone
• Smiles a lot and sometimes laughs
• Weighs about 17 pounds
• Likes watching his brother
• Becoming a good (longer) sleeper at night

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