Monday, January 29, 2018

Weston Month Two

The weeks seem to be flying by here! Weston is two months old and growing like a champ. He's currently weighing in around 14 pounds and has been wearing 3 month clothing already. He's a handsome little solid bundle of snuggles! 

It's so much fun seeing his personality start to come out. He may look surprised and serious in a lot of photos but he has the sweetest smile that lights up his whole face. I absolutely love when he smiles at me, even when it's 4:30am. 

Weston already likes to watch what his big brother is doing. Seeing the two of them together makes my heart swell and cracks me up at the same time. We keep wondering what Weston's personality will be like. Wild and active like Marshall? More quiet and reserved? Somewhere in the middle? 

I absolutely love being a mom of boys, even though the living room is already a mess by 9am and I don't understand the need to jump, throw, shout, and kick anything and everything. I know my future holds a LOT more of that! 

Can we talk about Weston's cheeks for a minute? I seriously kiss them every chance I can. 

And his chubby thighs? The best. I just love everything about this sweet baby!

• Loves being held and does not like to be set down
• Seems to like bath time
• This boy runs hot and does not need many layers or blankets
• Still rockin' great hair
• Has some serious crying fits when he's tired 
• Loves his Mommy 
• Hates being in his car seat
• Sleeping longer stretches at night
• Has the BEST cheeks

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