Friday, December 29, 2017

Weston Month One


Just like that, Weston, our sweet new addition is one month old! We are so in love with this little cutie. He's an easy going baby and thrives on a simple routine of eat, sleep and diaper change. At his last pediatrician appointment he weighted 9.5 lbs. and is growing wonderfully. He is really filling out and is bigger than Marshall was at one month. 

I'm excited to have another monthly photo series. I'm keeping the white onesie and monthly number, along with a different fabric each month, but adding the Moses basket to change it up a little.

Look at that face and those cheeks! It's hard to tell in photos but I think his eyes are going to be blue like his daddy and brother.

Weston definitely gets his full head of dark hair and chubby cheeks from his mommy. This side by side comparison of me as a baby, next to him, cracks me up! 

He is such a good baby. I keep thanking God that's he's healthy and so easy-going. It's definitely an adjustment going from one to two kids. I'm learning each day how to split my attention and I'm trying my best to be there for both of my boys. It's hard! I know it will get easier and we'll all get a new routine, eventually. 

I mean, just look at these two. This photo literally makes my heart burst. Now I understand what it's like when there's two living, breathing, pieces of your heart existing outside your body. 

• Loves to snuggle
• Good sleeper
• Usually more awake for a couple hours in the middle of the night
• Likes a clean diaper
• Really only cries when he's hungry, tired or needs a diaper change
• Already holds his head up a lot 
• Makes the cutest faces 
• Fits perfectly into our family

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