Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Potter County 2017

We visited the new cabin on our family's land in Potter County, PA. It's tucked away in the middle of the mountains, with dirt trails and wildlife. A 4-wheeling paradise. Marshall (and Andrew) had an absolute blast, riding and enjoying the outdoors. The best part was getting to see our family and just spending a long weekend together. We all drove from 4 different states. We had food, games, and lots of laughs.

There's no wifi, and no cell reception unless you go to the top of the hill. It was actually refreshing to be without the use of my phone, social media, and TV. I almost didn't know what to do with myself! And even though my seasonal allergies got the best of me (the worst ever!!) it was still good to be surrounded by family and the beauty of nature. I could have done without the ragweed and pollen though! 

We happened to be there on our 12th wedding anniversary and went to a local farm for some of the most delicious ice cream. Until next time, mountains.


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