Saturday, February 11, 2017

Marshall Turns Two!

Our baby turned two this month! It was also his "golden birthday". It's hard to believe he's not a baby anymore (even though he will always be my baby). I was torn between feeling sad that he was getting older, yet happy that he's growing and continuing to amaze and fill us with so much joy. Everyone warns you about the "terrible two's". We've seen a few glimpses of those typical toddler tantrums, but for the most part, he's gone easy on us (so far). 

On Marshall's actual birthday, we spent the day together as a family. We baked blueberry muffins the night before (one of his favorite treats) and sang happy birthday to him with a candle at breakfast. We quickly learned that Marshall does not like birthday candles. Regular candles are fine. Just not birthday candles. Noted. Maybe next year.

We took him to the Strong National Museum of Play, which he loves, and we got a membership as part of his birthday gift. There's so much to do there! I'm looking forward to taking him many more times throughout the year. 

We had a small family celebration the following weekend with cake and ice cream. Although, Marshall would have been perfectly happy with just the M+M's. 

He is such a blessed little boy to have family and friends who sent cards and sweet gifts. It's so fun to see him open gifts and get excited. Marshall, you are very loved!

It's been quite challenging these days to take (good) photos of my fast-paced, busy little guy! I really wanted to do some type of photo shoot for his birthday. Filling his crib with balloons turned out to be a big hit. He had a blast and I tried my best to capture him in action!

Marshall, you are so much fun and energy, determination and humor. You are definitely all boy. With your running, throwing, climbing and everything in motion. You love trucks, cars, Play Doh, vacuuming (yay!), snackies, the lawnmower, watching your shows, and helping me. Some days you're literally my shadow. You. Love. Ketchup. You get attention and smiles wherever you go. There's no doubt you're going to test my patience and give me more gray hairs. You sleep like a champ (just like your mom and dad used to). You do not like brushing your teeth, eating beans or most vegetables, wearing winter hats, or sitting still. You have an impressive vocabulary, and you've been talking up a storm since Thanksgiving. I love your little voice and the way you say things. You are so smart. Part of me hopes you never grow up and never stop being this cute. I kiss your cheeks every chance I get. Because I know one day you won't let me. You have such a sense of humor and crack us up everyday. Your laugh is the best. Your smile is my favorite. And your blue eyes. Just like your Dad. I love you more every minute.

Happy birthday, sweet boy! I'm so grateful God gave you to us. You are loved beyond words.

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