Thursday, May 26, 2016

Random Likes and Tips

I highly recommend getting an ice cream cone in the middle of the day, around 3pm and enjoying it while basking in the sunshine. It will change your entire mood and put a spring in your step. 

I've been on a quest to find the "right" deodorant, that actually works and is "natural" for a very long time. I've got a bathroom shelf filled with rejects. I think I've finally found the deodorant that has changed my life. For real, guys. It actually works. PiperWai is a charcoal creme deodorant that works naturally. It was on Shark Tank and I found it via a friend's beauty blog. You can order it here. It is worth every penny! 
I am very disappointed to share, that after a couple months of using PiperWai, I have developed an allergic reaction to it. Which I am quite surprised by, since the whole point of it is to be a "natural" product. I'm not sure what ingredient is causing my sensitivity, but I've had to stop using it for a while, due to a red rash and severe itching. Yikes! I contacted the company, but did not get a response. Quite disappointing. After doing some digging of my own, I discovered other customers were experiencing similar problems. I hope PiperWai is taking notice and works to adjust to their formula! Other people that I know who use it, are doing just fine. So maybe it's just not for everyone. Sad to say. 

I don't know if this is true for everyone, but I find this simple trick to be a little helpful. If you're really tired (which is fairly often) and your face shows it, wear a bright colored shirt. It will make your complexion look a little brighter. Stay away from black, gray and dark drab colors, which will only emphasize your tiredness. 

BB Cream, where have you been all my life? I'm probably the last to try one, but I really like the BB Cream with SPF 20 by e.l.f. (Eyes Lips Face). I'm currently using the color "Buff" after trying "Fair" which was, well, too fair on me. They're $6, so it's not a big investment to try. I put it on all over my face, after my moisturizer and it covers so smoothly! A very easy and nice foundation. And it's got sun protection built in. Win-win.

I recently read a book that my new friend, Becky, wrote. It's called Broken for Good: How Grief Awoke My Greatest Hopes. You can find it on Amazon here. To summarize, I'm going to borrow the description from Amazon, "A daughter's narrative about life with and without her father, whose death plunges her into deep grief but gradually becomes her most compelling reason to hope." It is so much more than that, too. Becky is an amazingly beautiful writer, to put it mildly. Her analogies and vivid descriptions brought me into each moment. I plan on re-reading it again. She also has a blog (yay!).

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