Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Monthly Marshall Moments: Eleven

With this new year, my little boy is eleven months old! Which means in just one month, he will be one year old! Let's try not to think about that yet. 

This (hilarious) photo, pretty much describes our most recent photo shoot. When I set up the fabric backdrop and get out my "real" camera, Marshall is just not interested. Lucky for him, this series will be coming to an end soon. I could barely get him to crack a smile while staying seated. This pose was one of my last attempts and it made me laugh, so it's the winner! He is getting taller and thinner.

This proves that he is still our smiley guy, most of the time. 

His attitude personality is really starting to shine through - both happy, and not so happy. Growing and teething and learning new things is hard work!

I love his hair. I like to comb it over after he gets a bath, but it usually ends up in his face shortly after. He looks so cute! It's getting long, too. I'm trying to delay his first haircut as long as possible.

He had a lot of fun exploring new things in December. Like toilet paper.

The weather was in the 60's and 70's! In the middle of December and even on Christmas day! We took as many walks as we could and Marshall got to play in the swings with his cousins, Sydney and Morgan. 

Marshall is so close to walking. He was looking handsome in his new sweater on New Year's Eve. 

He sure loves his Daddy! And playtime. They are best buddies (of course). My two boys.

Learning to walk with his lion walker
Trying more foods and likes to feed himself
Biting food with his teeth
Loves exploring the house (especially the bathroom)
Likes playing with blocks, cars and trucks
Has the BEST belly laugh
Does not like getting socks and shoes on
Really does not like washing his face or hands
Gets SO excited when Andrew comes home from work
Still likes bath time but climbs out of the baby tub 
Likes soft, fluffy blankets  
Learning to high five

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