Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Monthly Marshall Moments: Ten

Ten. Months. 

Double digits, guys. 

It feels like Marshall grew leaps and bounds this month. He went from learning to crawl to standing and balancing on his own, to holding onto furniture (and us) while taking a few steps. He is always on the move! His face is changing and looking less "baby" like. He has such a fun personality and cracks us up. 

Trying to take these 10 month photos was a joke! He barely sat still and wanted to be anywhere BUT on the cute Christmas fabric. I'm thankful for the couple I was able to capture. 

November was an interesting month for us. We underwent a major home remodeling project, which only left us our bedrooms and office to spend time in. We played in Marshall's room A LOT and thankfully spent most days at my sister's house. I didn't take as many photos as usual, but still managed to document some fun moments. 

We were blessed with unseasonably lovely weather and were able to take walks, all bundled up.  

Marshall has been testing the waters with some new foods and likes feeding himself. He's tried squash, banana (not a fan), potato, avocado and honeydew melon. He loves puffs (baby cereal snacks). 

He celebrated his first Thanksgiving with Gigi and Poppi, visiting from Pennsylvania, and was dedicated at church the same weekend. It's been a busy November! 

Crawling all over the place
Likes to stand and take a few steps while holding on to things
Especially interested in the DVD player, remote control and technology (oh, boy)
Gets excited when he sees our cats and follows after Chancho (look out, cats!)
Loves going for walks
Likes to explore garbage cans
Thinks unexpected sounds and funny noises are hilarious 
Has the best giggle and laugh
Favorite baby shows: VocabuLarry, The Notekins, Hide 'N Seek 
6 teeth coming in
Has the cutest little voice and likes to babble and mimic sounds
Gets bashful when meeting new people 

 He's is the best.

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