Friday, November 6, 2015

Monthly Marshall Moments: Nine

Our Marshall is nine months! Which means that he has been in our lives as many months as we anxiously awaited his arrival. I am amazed by that! 

Taking photos of a newly crawling nine-month-old is no joke. My photo shoots (and diaper changes) have started to feel like Olympic sports! He continues to grow and change and do so many things. He is quite proud of his new mobility and gets around pretty fast! 

October and November have been unseasonably warm (so far) and we are loving these extra days outside. A couple weeks ago, Gigi came to visit! We had a fun playing and spending time together. 

One gorgeous Saturday afternoon, we went to the park and took family photos. The many faces of Marshall crack me up! 

The leaves have proven to be good for something - beautiful colors for photos. Marshall really liked picking them up (and trying to chew them). He is such a cutie, if I do say so, myself! 

Just waiting for bath time...

Has mastered sitting up, rolling and flipping over
Newly crawling! And interested in everything he can get to
Likes frequently pulling his right sock off (and chewing on his toes)
Loves paper, newspaper, junk mail and tearing it into pieces
Likes to stand and pull himself up (not walking yet)
Absolutely does NOT like having his nose, face or hands wiped
Cutting 4 teeth
Likes to go grocery shopping
So much personality

I love this photo I snapped of us, at the very end. His giant smile and happy eyes melt my heart into a million pieces. We do have fun together! It's so amazing to recognize traits from each of us in Marshall. He is the light of our days!

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