Thursday, July 2, 2015

Monthly Marshall Moments: Five

My sweet baby is five months old! I can't get over his cuteness. He is getting so big and it seems like he's outgrowing his clothes faster and faster. His sweet disposition and completely loveable personality continues to bring us so much joy. He's the best! There's no doubt about it.

I can't stop taking an absurd amount of photos of him. Every day I want to capture Marshall's smiles, silly faces, adorable outfits, numerous expressions, his newly developed skills. Oh, and he giggles from time to time! It's my favorite thing. It's still very random - an odd noise, the sound of blocks dropping into a bucket, my husband burping. He cracks us up! 

Marshall's new favorite thing is grabbing his feet and sometimes trying to munch on his toes! 

And his hands are in his mouth most of the time.

This boy. We love going for stroller walks. At the park. At the store. Even around the yard. Have you ever seen a sweeter smile?

This onesie is too funny! He looks good in red. I can't get over his beautiful little face. Precious. 

Oh, hello! 

He is really starting to like playing in his exersaucer. So many things to discover and look at!  

He likes to splash during bath time.

We have a lot of fun together! My little buddy. 

Babbles and coos a lot
Giggling more at random sounds
Loves to put hands and feet (and toys) in his mouth
Still trying to roll over
Likes watching cars go by
Loves going for walks and seeing new things
Sleeping 6-10 hour stretches at night (whoo hoo!)
Definitely knows when you enter or leave the room
Greets me with a big smile when he wakes up
Likes to snuggle and be held
Good at grabbing and holding toys 
Has some serious muscle strength (watch out for his punches and kicks!)


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  1. So-oo-o-oo-o cute! Want to reach thru the screen and give him a big hug! Love those rolls! Thanks for the updates! Enjoy!


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