Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy First Father's Day

Happy first Father's Day to my husband, Andrew! This tri-photo frame was one of our gifts to him (I think it's his favorite). I couldn't wait to do this little photo shoot. Marshall was very cooperative, smiley and adorable. I love all of his expressions! There were quite a few funny outtakes.

Just looking at these two totally melts my heart! I almost can't take it in. Last year at this time, we had recently learned we were pregnant with Marshall. What an amazing, life-changing year it has been for us! I always knew that one day my husband would be a great father, but it's even more wonderful seeing him with our son. They make my whole world.

Happy Father's Day, my love. Marshall is such a blessed little boy to have you. I know how much he loves you and I'm so thankful you're ours. 

I'd like to wish all the Dad's out there a very happy Father's Day! 

To those of you missing your Dad, wishing he was near or not knowing him at all, please know that the God of all creation, our true Abba Father, loves you like crazy and knows every piece of your heart. I pray that you feel His loving arms around you, today and every day.

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