Sunday, May 10, 2015

Monthly Marshall Moments: Three

Get ready for some cuteness overload. Our little Marshall is three months old! He is growing, growing, growing. And filling our days with joy. I can't get over how much he changes, it seems daily. It was hard to choose which photo to use for his three month because I took a bunch and he has so many different facial expressions. Although this one is blurry, because of his non-stop moving legs and arms, it showcases his personality really well. 

Just look at this sweet little face. For some reason, as soon as I get out the "real" camera and start shooting, he turns serious. I think the camera intimidates him. My iphone gets better expressions from him. But seriously, those eyes and those cheeks! 

He really is such a happy baby. I love greeting him in the morning and seeing a grin light up his whole face. What could be better?

It's hard to tell, but his eyes are so pure blue. Just like his Dad's.

• Most noticeably filling out more. Look at those legs! 
• Gives lots of smiles
• Loves attention and "talking" with people
• More vocal (he has the sweetest sounds!)
• Has been grabbing at toys and learning to hold things
• Really likes bath time
• Kicks his legs and arms like crazy. Constantly. 
• He is very strong and can seriously kick and hold on (or put up a fight)
• Starting to sleep longer at night (hooray!) 
• Enjoys being held while you walk around, whatever you're doing
• 13 lbs

I love this photo of Andrew and Marshall. Two of a kind! 

I can't even. This was during a stroller walk. His first time wearing a baseball hat. That face, those arms and that belly! 

Smiling while visiting friends.

Mr. Personality. I just love him! He makes my heart explode.

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