Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter 2015

This Easter, we took Marshall on his first road trip to Pennsylvania where he got to visit GiGi and Poppi's house for the fist time and meet the entire extended Ohl family.

Marshall had two very excited cousins to meet.

More cousins, aunts and uncles...

And his great-grandma, Nana. So special to have a great-grandma. 

It was a bittersweet Easter celebration at Nana's house. This is the last time we would all be together in this house. The house that Nana and Pop Pop built themselves after they got married, many years ago. They raised 5 children in this house. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren have come to visit. I've been part of the Ohl family for almost 10 years and we were always there for at least one holiday every year, if not more. 

It's the end of an era. Many memories for so many. I am blessed that I got to experience this house and these memories, especially since I no longer have living grandparents of my own. As crazy, quirky and funny as that house may be, it's one of a kind and could tell a million stories. 

I'm glad Marshall got to experience it, too. Even if he won't remember, we have pictures to show him.

It was a memorable Easter "Saturday".

On Easter Sunday, we went to church (Marshall's first church service!) and took our annual family photos.

The weather was much too windy for photos outside, but that didn't stop Sydney and Morgan from hunting for Easter eggs! 

I really like this photo of our growing family. Marshall's first trip across state lines was an overall success (despite my worries about it). He definitely was the star of the show and felt very loved!

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