Saturday, March 21, 2015

Monthly Marshall Moments: One

Marshall was one month old on March 2nd. How can that be already?! I'm a little behind on my blogging. Ok, I'm a lot behind on pretty much everything, except for taking care of my sweet little boy. That's my new full time job and I love being his mommy! He keeps me busy.

Is he the cutest, or what? I plan on taking monthly photos of Marshall and documenting a little bit about his progress. Hopefully I can keep up! In one sense, the days and weeks are zooming by. Yet others, the days and nights feel long. 

• Gives lots of smiles
• Prefers a clean diaper (can't argue there!)
• Starting to enjoy bath time
• Likes to study faces
• LOVES to be held
• Sleeps better during the day (we're working on hopefully changing that)
• Very active with his arms and hands and likes to grab his face
• Doesn't really like to be swaddled, especially not with arms in 

I can't believe how much he's changing, right before our very eyes. At his one month Dr. visit he was up to 8lb 6oz (his birth weight was 7lb 2oz). He's growing every day! It's challenging to get a baby and me selfie. Our days look a lot like this - me holding, snuggling and feeding my little guy (and lots of diaper changes in between!). He really is such a good baby and a joy to take care of.

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  1. He really is adorable!!! So happy for you!


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